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At Saxe Point Public House, we uphold the highest service standards to ensure an exceptional guest experience. From the moment you step through our doors, expect to be greeted warmly and welcomed into a friendly atmosphere. Our commitment extends beyond hospitality to encompass fast, efficient, and friendly service, complemented by a full range of high-quality food and drink offerings. Our staff, meticulously trained and dedicated, strive to provide nothing short of the best guest service, ensuring your visit is memorable for all the right reasons. At Saxe Point Public House, we believe that upholding these standards is paramount to creating a warm and inviting environment where every guest feels valued and appreciated.

meet the team

Demain Merino, a Victoria native, has a deep-rooted passion for the hospitality industry. Beginning as a food runner at a local Victoria eatery, he progressed over the years to become a General Manager for the Donnelly Group. Returning to Victoria to raise his family, Demain brings a wealth of experience to his endeavours. He took on the role with the Victoria Pub Company, where he was a manager at the Irish Times before taking on the role of General Manager at Bard & Banker.


Demian Merino

Leon, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, embarked on his culinary journey at The Laird & Dog Hotel in Edinburgh as a dishwasher at 14 years old. After completing culinary school, he progressed to the role of Chef De Partie at Melville Castle Hotel in Dalkeith. Over time, he advanced to his first Sous Chef position at the New Lanark Mill Hotel in Lanarkshire. Following various opportunities, he returned to New Lanark Mill Hotel as the Head Chef. Subsequently, Leon worked at the acclaimed Middle Eastern restaurant Baba in Edinburgh and collaborated with the renowned chef Nick Nairn at his restaurant in Stirling before relocating to Victoria, BC. Upon arriving in Victoria, he assumed the role of executive chef at The Bard & Banker, then moved on to Ferris Oyster Bar & Grill before joining Saxe Point Public House. Leon's culinary background encompasses various experiences, from casual dining to Michelin Star establishments.

Executive Chef

Leon McIntyre

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