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Smashed Avocado & Harissa (V) GF  19

Poached eggs, grilled sourdough cilantro, smoked chilli oil

House Smoked Salmon  GFO, DFO 19.5

Scrambled egg on toast, lemon, chives, sea salt

Baked Egg Shakshuka (V) GFO, DFO 19

Aleppo pepper, grilled sourdough

Saxe Point Full GFO, DFO  22

Thick-cut maple bacon, local sausage, eggs your way, house beans, mushrooms, tomato, rosti, toasted sourdough

The Little Saxe GFO, DFO. 17.5

Maple bacon, local sausage, eggs your way, toasted sourdough

Bacon, Beans & Eggs 16.5

House baked beans, parmesan, fried eggs, maple mustard bacon, toasted sourdough

Brioche French Toast 17.5

Vanilla whipped cream, honey, berry compote

Add on. eggs anyway 1.5, bacon 2.5, Berrymans breakfast sausage 2,

house beans 1.5,v potato hash 4, smoked salmon 7, black pudding 5

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